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Difference in “cuts” and styles of Denim Jeans

Difference in “cuts” and styles of Denim Jeans

BootCut: Tailored to be narrow fitted through the hips and thighs, and slightly wider to the ankle to house a larger boot. By design, the bottcut jeans have a major wear ability factor.

BoyFriend: The ultimate casual look. Fitted at the hips, and loose at the legs creates a baggy cut look with just the right amount of masculinity. Many come with hem cuffed or you can roll them down for more ankle coverage.

Skinny: Tight looking jeans that contour any body shape. Cut to contour your buttocks and thighs, extend all the way to the ankle.

Straight: These are the most conservative look. Fitted, but not tight with a straight lef all the way down to the ankle.

Slim: Slim fit jeans have a slight different characteristics to a Skinny Jeans. They are similar to a straight cut in terms of construction. Essentially Slim Fit jeans contour to the shape of your body without hindering mobility.

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