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How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Women's Jeans

Womens Fit Guide Sizing Info

Not all brand sizes are identical. Nor the fitting will be equally comfortable compare to your favorite pair of denim. It can take countless hours trying on different brand that will work for you.

It’s not enough to know the two basic measurement – waist and inseam. You’ll also need to know the difference between styles and cuts. Understanding the type of denim and how much stretch you prefer. Deciding between aesthetic and comfort.

Start with the basics:

Commercially sold jeans have tags that reads 36” X 32”. This identifies the waistband (36”) and the inseam (32”). A third component to consider is the type of rise of the jeans. The pant rise determines where your pants sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline. Knowing your rise can insure a comfortable fit and how it impact on the rest of your look.

Key Measurement Areas:

Waist: Is the circumference, in inches, of the waistband of the pants.

Inseam: Starts in the crotch area, where the four seam

Rise: It’s the measurement from the center of the crotch, up to the center of the waistband where the button usually are located. 

Type of Rise:

Low Rise Jeans: Generally sit at or below your hips, typically 3-5 inches below the waist. These styles are flattering to physically fit people. Perfect for women with shorter bodies who wants to show a flat stomach or toned abs.

Mid Rise Jeans: Typically seen as the most neutral and potentially comfortable rise of jean. This is the most flattering and looks good on most people.  It is the most common rise worn by men and women.

High Rise Jeans: Sits close to the belly button. It is best fit for those with longer bodies and can accentuate naturally long legs. High-rise are the least worn, creating a boxy shape on the wearer, flattening the rear and cutting the waistline in half.

Finding the perfect rise

7 Most Common Womens Jeans Styles & Cuts:

Jegging: A form fitting style with a super skinny silhouette from hip to ankle. It has a tighter fit and form fitting than skinny jeans. Typically made of a cotton/spandex blend.

Skinny: Tight looking jeans that contour any body shape. Cut to contour your butt and thighs, and extends all the way to the ankle.

Boyfriend: The ultimate casual style. Fitted at the hips, and loose at the legs creates a baggy cut look with just the right amount of masculinity. Many come with hem cuffed or you can roll them down for more ankle coverage.

Regular: meaning having a mid-rise and has a large leg opening

Bootcut: Tailored to be narrow fitted through the hips and thighs, and slightly wider to the ankle to house a larger boot. By design, bootcut jeans have a major wear ability factor. Perfect for those hourglass and pear shape body types.

Relaxed: Or “loose fit” jeans are roomier in the thigh of the jean, and hangs lower on the body than a straight jean.

Flare Jeans: Similar to a bootcut except that the flare is more exaggerated. It has a wide, flared opening from knee to toe. The most extreme flared is known as “Bell Bottoms.”

Straight: Not always the most stylish, straight cut jeans are the most conservative. Fitted, but not tight, with a straight leg all the way down to the ankle.

 Women's Denim Jeans Style & Cuts


It’s all about personal preference when it comes to choosing the type of denim wash to wear. There really is no right or wrong.

Dark Wash: Very versatile, and work for nearly all occasions – casual or less casual. It looks great on everybody, and looks good with virtually any wardrobe essentials.

Medium Wash: The perfect balance between two washes – dark and light. It has an enduring look with a timeless, vintage appeal. Works very well with any wardrobe palette.

Light Wash: This jean gives the appearance of a worn out denim. They tend to be more soft and flexible. The perfect jean for the warm summer season.

Colored Denim: A fun way to switch up your look. Available in a myriad color.