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Private Label Jeans / Manufacturing / Wholesale


Hana Jeans offers a full service private label denim pants and apparel manufacturing. We help clients worldwide to bring their design ideas into reality. We bring your designs to fruition without the complexities and stress of traditional manufacturing and exporting.

We offer a full service factory with skilled workers and one that is equipped with the latest machinery that can easily produce 150,000 pieces per style per month.

For clothing companies that are just starting, we also offer smaller minimum quantity orders. We can delivering quality apparel at the most reasonable price compared with other clothing factories operating at the same scale of operation. Contact us today and talk with one of our key account managers.

 Start to Finish Foundation:

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B2B Denim Sourcing Manufacturing - Design - Low Quantity
B2B Hana Jeans Mufacturing Low MOQ per style
B2B Hana Jeans Import & Export Womens Apparel

Material Sourcing
: We have easy access of all variety of fabrics, prints, trims, accessories and other materials required in developing a private label clothing.

Design Consulting: If required, we help our clients by giving valuable inputs and guidance in terms of design, seasonal trends, and safety requirements while helping to reduce production cost and waste.

Pattern Making & Grading: We have highly skilled pattern makers who will advise you whether there is any technical issues that require modification to meet your target audience. This service will ensure best fit and match of given designs.

Private Label & Tagging: Based on your conceptual design we will develop custom labels and tags as part of the production process.

Quality Control & Inspection - Sample: In order to minimize wastage of material and cost, our team of quality control inspectors will provide samples to our client for sample approval before mass production.

Cutting & Sewing: At this stage, we simply follow the customer approved sample for production.

Packaging: High quality packaging is an integral part of our business. Each product will be package in a transparent poly bag to protect the finished product.

Shipping & Logistic: We can assist with cargo services incorporating freight, clearance, documentation and ground transport from the port of entry.